Award Year:
Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Yearsort icon Final Report
DIRT - continuation of C1 meetings Kate Lajtha Synthesis Final Report (pdf)
TRENDS-remove Debra Peters Synthesis
TRENDS Debra Peters Synthesis
Linking phylogenetic history, plant traits, and environmental gradients to understand community organization at local and continental scales Jeannine Cavender... Synthesis
Trends-2007 Debra Peters Synthesis
CANCELED-A Workshop to establish a large forest plot network across LTER and NEON sites Jill Thompson Other
Inland Climate Change: Social and Ecological Sensitivities and Responses Alan Knapp Synthesis prospectus
Landscape Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change and Land Use Change David Foster Synthesis prospectus Final Report (pdf)
Coastal Zone Climate Changes: Understanding and adaptation Merryl Alber Synthesis prospectus
Disappearing Cryosphere: Socioecological Consequences for Ecosystem services Hugh Ducklow Synthesis prospectus
A synthesis of LTER community data to test metacommunity theory under different ecological conditions Post-doctoral
Award Year: 2001
Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Yearsort icon Final Report
Integration of Research on Biogeochemicalcycles at LTER sites Lawrence Baker Synthesis 2001
Advancing the Sharing and Synthesis of Ecological Data: Guidelines for Data Sharing and Integration Barbara Benson Information Management 2001 Final report (pdf)
Defining the Schoolyard LTER Program: Priorities, Infrastructure, and Communications Richard Boone Education 2001
LTER-based Tropical Coastal Research Across the Caribbean Basin Daniel Childers Synthesis 2001
Ecological Network Analysis for Cross Site Comparisons: Developing the Network of Users Robert Christian Synthesis 2001 Final Report (pdf)
A Cross-Site Synthesis of Biotic and Abiotic Agents of Decomposition and SOM Dynamics in LTER Sites David Coleman Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
Integrating LTER Research into Ecosystem Management Phil Robertson Synthesis 2001
The Long-term Intersite Decomposition Experiment Team (LIDET) Mark Harmon Synthesis 2001
Preliminary Synthesis of Species Removal Experiments: Follow-up to the ASM "LTER/GCTE Workshop on Removal Experiments on the Role of Biodiversity in Ecosystem Functioning" Laura Huenneke Synthesis 2001
Effects of Decomposing Woods on Soil Carbon Accumulation and Chemistry, Fungal Diversity and Microbial Enzyme Systems Kate Lajtha Synthesis 2001
Sense-of-Place Attitudes in the World's Temperate Lake Districts Richard Lathrop Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
East Asia-Pacific Organic Matter Decomposition Processes Workshop Hen-biau King Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
East Asia Conference Hen-biau King Synthesis 2001
Regulation of Organic Matter Preservation in Soils and Sediments Jim Morris Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
Scaling From Plots to Landscapes and Regions: Relevance of Landscapes to Current Issues in Ecology Debra Peters Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
Causes and Consequences of Invasive Species; Past and Future Contributions of the LTER Network Timothy Seastedt Synthesis 2001
Scaling Carbon Flux to the Site Level in the Context of Validating Products from Earth Observing Satellites David Turner Synthesis 2001 Final report (pdf)
NPP Data Workshop Timothy Fahey Synthesis 2001
Award Year: 2003
Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Yearsort icon Final Report
A Functional Approach to Predicting Species Response to N Fertilization across LTER Sites Katharine Suding Synthesis 2003
LINX-2 Workshop Nancy Grimm Synthesis 2003
Geospatial team Theresa Valentine Information Management 2003
Further Development of the Legacies Concept in LTER Michael Willig Synthesis 2003
Proposed initiative for cross-site integration of coastal watershed research Tiffany Troxler Synthesis 2003
Award Year: 2004
Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Yearsort icon Final Report
LTER Education Outreach Steven McGee Education 2004
Disturbance & Variance: Detecting Change in Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecosystems James Rusak Synthesis 2004 Final Report (pdf)
Performing Network-level Synthesis by Quantifying Ecosystem Goods and Services (LTER Synthesis Workshop) Matt Wilson Synthesis 2004 Final report (pdf)
Decline of Dominant Species Due to Invasive Pests & Pathogens David Foster Synthesis 2004
LTER -Based Student Research Symposium to Stimulate Cross-Site Student Lead Collaboration Tiffany Troxler Synthesis 2004
N Deposition to Forested Ecosystems Herman Sievering Synthesis 2004
Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Diane McKnight Synthesis 2004
Long-term Effects of Land Use History on Carbon & Water Balance Ted Gragson Synthesis 2004 Final Report
Species Richness in Space and Time William Lauenroth Synthesis 2004
LTER Extreme Events Working Group Doug Goodin Synthesis 2004 Final Report (pdf)
Biodiversity of Riparian Ecotones Judith Li Synthesis 2004
LTER Workshop on Litter Decomposition Synthesis Grizelle Gonzalez Synthesis 2004
Functional Response to Resource Change across LTER Sites (Biodiversity of Riparian Ecotones) Katharine Suding Synthesis 2004 Final report (pdf)
Synthetic Effort to Characterize the Controls on Nitrogen Transportation through Streams & Rivers Walter Dodds Synthesis 2004 Final Report (pdf)
Metapopulation dynamics and Meta Community Structure David Gibson Synthesis 2004
Award Year: 2005
Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Yearsort icon Final Report
The response of watershed nitrogen retention to large-scale climate disturbance across the LTER network. Evan Kane Synthesis 2005