Post 2006 ASM initiatives

Funds for follow-up to ASM initiatives

The recent LTER All Scientists Meeting proved very successful in energizing existing cross-site projects and in identifying new research initiatives. The LTER Network Office has funds available to encourage further development of the best of these projects and initiatives. Please note that proposals submitted in response to this message do not necessarily have to address issues related to the ongoing Planning Grant activities, but may focus on any LTER cross-site research projects, including those with ILTER or non-LTER partners.

By this message, we solicit proposals for support to follow up ASM activities. These proposals should be a maximum of two single-spaced pages and should detail the mechanism, goals, participants, timing, and expected products (publications, proposals, design for a cross-site experiments, development of a software tool, creation of a valued-added data base, etc) of the planned activity. In addition, a separate budget and justification should explain how the money would be used. Since the LTER Network Office will fund travel and meeting costs directly, no overhead should be included in the budget. Cost-sharing is encouraged, but not required. Proposals should be sent to preferably by November 1, 2006.

The maximum request we will consider is $10,000. Smaller requests are encouraged and may have a higher likelihood of success. We anticipate that the majority of support will be for single, small (4-8 people) group planning meetings over the next year to further develop ideas arising from the ASM. However, we will also consider proposals for a series of small planning meetings on the same topic. Collection of new data is not allowed.

We will begin to consider proposals on November 1, 2006. Proposals received after that date will be considered subject to the availability of funds. The principal criterion for success will be the degree to which the proposed activities advance the goals of the LTER program, particularly with regard to the development of syntheses, cross-site and network-wide research. Questions about preparation of the proposals should be directed to Bob Waide (, who will respond to these questions beginning on October 2 when he returns to the office.

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