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2013 LTER Mini-symposium video and presentations at NSF are now available for viewing

Video and presentations from the 2012 LTER Mini-symposium at NSF are now available for viewing.
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Post 2006 ASM initiatives

Funds for follow-up to ASM initiatives

The recent LTER All Scientists Meeting proved very successful in energizing existing cross-site projects and in identifying new research initiatives. The LTER Network Office has funds available to encourage further development of the best of these projects and initiatives. Please note that proposals submitted in response to this message do not necessarily have to address issues related to the ongoing Planning Grant activities, but may focus on any LTER cross-site research projects, including those with ILTER or non-LTER partners.

NSF proposal / funding cycle to remain in place

According to Assistant Director for the Biological Sciences directorate, John Wingfield in this news article in Nature, the new and controversial proposal / funding cycle implemented last year will remain in place for now.

2012 LTER ASM plenary presentations available for viewing

The plenary presentations from the 2012 LTER All Scientists Meeting at Estes Park, CO are available for viewing on popular browsers with Silverlight installed. Some portable formats are supported and more will be forthcoming. View 2012 ASM Video Catalog

Personal Profiles in Transition

The LTER web authentication system and personnel directory are in transition. Currently, personal profiles are being migrated to new web infrastructure and will be frozen until this task is complete in the next several weeks.  Site information managers can continue to make changes to basic contact information but individual access to modify this information will not be available. We beg your indulgence as we try to improve your LTER Network web experience.