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2013 LTER Executive Board and Science Council Meeting

May 13, 2013 - May 17, 2013
New Mexico State University
2995 Knox St
Las Cruces, NM 88003
United States

New members take up NISAC duties

The Network Information System Advisory Committee has 5 new members on its roster this spring to replace outgoing members. The new initiates are: Paul Bolstad (CWT), Sven Bohm (KBS), Peter Doran (MCM), Aaron Ellison (HFR), and Cristina Takacs-Vesbach (MCM). The committee now looks forward to its 2013 meeting where progress and plans for the NIS will be reviewed.

2012 Ecological Information Management for Scientists Presentations Available for Viewing

The presentations from the August 2012 Ecological Information Management training for scientists are posted and available for viewing.
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2013 LTER Mini-symposium video and presentations at NSF are now available for viewing

Video and presentations from the 2012 LTER Mini-symposium at NSF are now available for viewing.
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Post 2006 ASM initiatives

Funds for follow-up to ASM initiatives

The recent LTER All Scientists Meeting proved very successful in energizing existing cross-site projects and in identifying new research initiatives. The LTER Network Office has funds available to encourage further development of the best of these projects and initiatives. Please note that proposals submitted in response to this message do not necessarily have to address issues related to the ongoing Planning Grant activities, but may focus on any LTER cross-site research projects, including those with ILTER or non-LTER partners.