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Update Network Databases

  • Site Personnel - manage site personnel contact information and site lists.
  • My Profile - manage personal contact information.
  • Site Profile - change site contacts and research site attributes.
  • Bibliography - upload and edit site bibliographic entries.
  • Climate/Hydrology - update site metadata and harvest information.
  • Email Lists - view and manage email lists for site and network.
  • Password Reset - request a password reset for access and administration.
  • Some of these links take you 'off-site' and you may have to login again.

Mmmmm, PASTA

The LTER Network Information System development team announced the production version of PASTA and the new NIS Data Portal. The system went live on January 11, 2013. Accessible through, PASTA provides a repository

LTER personnel directory gets makeover

LNO staff are working with a contracted programmer to complete a newly designed personnel directory. The directory features web-service interfaces that allow sites to integrate local directory information and manage the Network directory from a local interface.

LTER holds 12th annual mini-symposium at NSF

In late February, the annual LTER mini-symposium took place at the National Science Foundation (NSF), attracting about 100 people (see The symposium coincided

LTER sites coordinate information management approaches

Seven sites (Arctic, Jornada, Luquillo, North Temperate Lakes, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Plum Island, and Sevilleta), in cooperation with the LTER Network Office, have chosen to use Drupal software for information management. The goal for the Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS)

What is that thing called LTER?

The first ever LTER Annual Report was published this year, in time for the annual LTER mini-symposium at NSF. The report highlighted