Information Management

Winter 2001: Highlights from Mini-NIS meeting

This meeting was originally proposed as a post-Snowbird meeting by Baker and Henshaw, but was instead supported by the Network Office as part of the on-going IM mission.

2001 Information Managers Meeting Report

Representatives from all 24 LTER sites attended and actively participated in the 2001 LTER Information Managers Meeting in Madison, WI. Other attendees included James Brunt, David Blankman, Owen Eddins, Troy Maddux, Bill Michener, and John VandeCastle from the Network Office , Judy Cushing and Erik Ordway from the Forest Canopy project, Matt Jones from NCEAS, Dick Olson from the Oakridge National Laboratory, Jens Schumacher from the German Biodiversity project at the University of Jena, and Phyllis Adams from the National Park Service.

1999 Data Management Workshop Report

Representatives from 20 of the 21 LTER sites attended and actively participated in the 1999 LTER Information Managers Meeting, in Spokane, Washington, August 4-6, 1999. The Cedar Creek LTER was not represented for the second year in a row.


The LTER Network Information System: A Framework for Ecological Information Managment

1998 presentation: Access to data and metadata distributed throughout collaborating national and international research sites is the focus of a development effort to support ecological research. The U.S. LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) Network informatics group is developing, along with national and international partners, a Network Information System (NIS). The mission of the working group is to design and develop a modular framework that builds on existing site functionality.


1998 LTER Information Management Committee Vision Statement

Vision Statement for the Information Management group: LTER Network Ecological Informatics: Finding Answers for Long Term Ecological Research