Information Management

Spring 2004 Information Management Committee Report

Spring 2004 Imformation Management Report to the LTER Coordinating Committee. Prepared by IMExec.


2003 Information Managers Meeting Report

The 2003 LTER Information Managers meeting took place on September 22, 2003, in Seattle, Washington immediately following the LTER All-Scientists Meeting (ASM). The meeting was attended by representatives from 23 LTER sites and the LTER Network Office, and 8 invited guests from NSF and other programs.

2002 Information Managers Meeting Report

LTER IM Meeting, July 11-13, Sheraton World Resort, Orlando, FL

2002 SCI2002 Meeting - IM Session Papers

2002 SCI2002 - 12 papers presented by LTER IMs in two sessions at international conference

Spring 2002 Information Management Committee Report

1. NIS (Network Information System). Since its formation in 1988, the LTER IM (Information Mangers) Committee has worked to facilitate intersite research through the application of new techniques in computer science and the emerging field of ecoinformatics.