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2001 Palmer LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request
This proposal is a supplement to the original LTER Palmer proposal (Smith et al., 1996) and, as with past supplements, incorporates Antarctic marine science and emphasizes the concept of long term research.
January 11, 2001
2001 Sevilleta LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request
SUPPLEMENT REQUEST FOR THE SEVILLETA LTER PROGRAM Dr. James R. Gosz, P.I. Department of Biology, University of New Mexico Supplement to Sevilleta LTER Grant, NSF DEB 0080529 SEVILLETA SCHOOLYARD LTER - BOSQUE ECOSYSTEM
January 10, 2001
2001 Short Grass Steppe LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request
We appreciate the opportunity to upgrade and expand our research instrumentation. The proposed equipment will allow us (a) to monitor the effects of livestock grazing on net primary production on a daily or even shorter basis, (b) to expand our network of precipitation measurements for better accounting of subregional variability, and (c) to replace necessary laboratory equipment used to process samples for long-term datasets. In addition, we request funding (d) to support greater involvement by Susan Stafford for development of a long-term plan for data management at SGS-LTER.
January 09, 2001
2001 Technology Task Committee Working Group Report
The full LTER Technology committee, consists of one representative per LTER site. The committee met in 1999 to review in general, current technology needs across the Network. The 1999 LTER committee report contained a number of recommendations and provided the background for this meeting. In January of 2001, John Vande Castle, the committee chair, organized a subset of the committee as a working task group to revisit LTER technology issues. This report is a summary of discussions from the meeting of this group was held at Archbold Biological Station, January 7-9, 2001.
January 09, 2001
2001 Virgnia Coast Reserve LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request
Prior to the initiation of the SLTER Program, the VCR LTER was involved with informal, ad hoc activities oriented toward the enhancement of k-12 education with a focus at the high school level. The SLTER Program has allowed for this effort to take on a more formal approach, and has been very successful to date…
January 08, 2001
2002 French and US Network-to-Network Collaboration Workshop Report
Workshop Report - French (Zones Ateliers) And United States (Long Term Ecological Research) Network-To-Network Collaboration In Long Term Integrated Environmental Research And Management Different areas in integrated environmental research and management (IERM) have converged over the last twenty years along three broad lines of issues and themes, as reflected in the United States (U.S.) by changes in the scope and kinds of questions addressed by many sites in the U.S.
March 20, 2002
2002 Information Managers Meeting Report
LTER IM Meeting, July 11-13, Sheraton World Resort, Orlando, FL
August 13, 2002
2002 LNO NSF Proposal Panel Review
2002 LNO NSF Proposal Panel Review
January 30, 2008
2002 LNO NSF Proposal Review letter to PI
2002 LNO NSF Proposal Review letter to PI
January 30, 2008
2002 LTER Education Symposium - Henry L. Gholz
LTER, BIO/DEB - NSF’s LTER Program Began in 1980 with 6 sites, Now: 24 field sites, 1 Network Office, 6 USFS collaborative sites (other agencies), $19M annual budget ($16M core), 5 NSF Directorates contribute to core funding
June 19, 2002
2002 LTER Education Symposium - Jim Gallagher
Secondary Science Teaching in Rural Michigan - A Model Program for Teacher Retention and Renewal
June 19, 2002
2002 LTER Education Symposium - Marty Green
Secondary Science Teaching in Rural Michigan - A Model Program for Teacher Retention and Renewal (powerpoint)
June 19, 2002
2002 LTER Education Symposium - Robert Bohanan
Center for Biology Education, UW-Madison & NTL-LTER - Seamless Environmental Education at North Temperate Lakes: K-12 students, teachers, and graduate students working together
June 19, 2002
2002 LTER Education Symposium - Sonia Ortega
LTER Education Highlights (powerpoint)
June 19, 2002
June 21, 2013
2002 Presentation: The Role of Monitoring in Sustainable Ecosystem Management - Case Study for the
The Role of Monitoring in Sustainable Ecosystem Management: a Case Study for the Tropical Deciduous Forest in West Mexico - EMAN-ILTER Meeting, Ottawa, Canada. April 10-12, 2002 EMAN-ILTER Meeting, Ottawa, Canada. April 10-12, 2002 Manuel Maass, Víctor Jaramillo Angelina Martínez-Yrízar & Felipe García-Oliva Instituto de Ecología Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Campus Morelia
April 12, 2002
2002 SCI2002 Meeting - IM Session Papers
2002 SCI2002 - 12 papers presented by LTER IMs in two sessions at international conference
August 01, 2002
2003 Environmental Cyberinfrastructure Needs for Distributed Sensor Networks Workshop Report
A Report from a National Science Foundation Sponsored Workshop 12-14 August 2003 Scripps Institute of Oceanography Deborah Estrin Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) University of California, Los Angeles William Michener & Gregory Bonito Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network Office University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and the Workshop Participants
August 14, 2003
2003 Global Fiducial Library Information
May 31, 2012
2003 Information Managers Meeting Report
The 2003 LTER Information Managers meeting took place on September 22, 2003, in Seattle, Washington immediately following the LTER All-Scientists Meeting (ASM). The meeting was attended by representatives from 23 LTER sites and the LTER Network Office, and 8 invited guests from NSF and other programs.
September 22, 2003
2003 LTER Network Office Annual Report
A Report from the Network Office of the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network for work accomplished in Year 1 of DEB-0236154. December 16, 2003
September 06, 2005
2003 LTER Planning Grant Proposal
The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network is poised to address a set of new initiatives to be pursued in response to these environmental Grand Challenges. It is this background which sets the stage for intensive Network-wide planning activities that started at the LTER All Scientist Meeting held in September 2003, and that, if funded, would continue over a 24-month period.
August 31, 2004
2003 National Advisory Board Report
Report of the LTER National Advisory Board for 2003.
June 30, 2003
2003 National Advisory Board Report
Thank you for an excellent and productive meeting of the LTER National Advisory Board (NAB) in Albuquerque, Friday June 20. The members of the Board who were able to participate appreciate the effort you and your staffs made to ensure our comfort and to provide us with all of the information we needed. The following comments summarize our discussions, identify issues that we think should be resolved, and outline our plans for the continued work of the NAB.
June 30, 2003
2004 Executive Committee Review of LNO
Executive Committee Review of the Network Office 26 February 2004. The LTER Executive Committee (EC) met in Washington, D.C., and prepared this review on the basis of materials received from the LTER Network Office
September 06, 2005