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1996 Data Management Workshop Report
The 1996 LTER Information Managers meeting was held at the Archbold Biological Field Station, Lake Placid, Florida, October 31 - November 3, 1996.
November 03, 1996
Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes Spring 1997
LONG-TERM ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROGRAM Spring Coordinating Committee Meeting H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon April 24-25, 1997
April 25, 1997
A Climatic Analysis Of Long-Term Ecological Research Sites
The Long-Term Ecological Research Program (LTER) funded by the National Science Foundation's Division of Biotic Systems, is mandated to pursue ecological research over long time periods at a variety of sites throughout the United States. Climate research is recognized by both ecologists and climatologists as having a key role in long-term ecological research. Each LTER site maintains its own climate program and at many sites climate data represent the longest data set available.
May 26, 1997
2. The Climates of the Long-Term Ecological Research Sites
The Climates of the Long-Term Ecological Research Sites. 1987. Report maintained on-line Each LTER site maintains a climate database and at many sites climate data represent the longest data set available. Increasing attention to possible ecological consequences of global change requires an understanding climate variabilities and the potential for rapid directional climate change. This electronic report describes climatic variability, climatic change scenarios, and individual climate and water budget analyses performed at 18 LTER sites. Greenland, D.
May 26, 1997
1997 Data Management Workshop Report
Information Managers (IM’s) from the LTER Network met for a one-day annual business meeting at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, on August 7, 1997.
August 07, 1997
Data and Information Management in the Ecological Sciences: A Resource Guide
More than 100 individuals attended a two-day workshop (August 8-9, 1997) entitled Data and Information Management in the Ecological Sciences that was held at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Objectives of the workshop were to: effect technology transfer, especially at biological field stations and marine laboratories; facilitate people networking; communicate training needs and opportunities; identify future needs for data management at field stations; and produce hard copy and digital versions of the proceedings.
August 09, 1997
Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes Fall 1997
LONG-TERM ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROGRAM Fall 1997 Coordinating Committee Meeting The Upham Hotel Santa Barbara, California October 24-25, 1997
October 25, 1997
Network News Issue 20 Winter 1997
Perspectives on the LTER Program... Proposed LTER, LMER, and JGOFS Merger... Caroline Bledsoe: Contributions as LTER Research Coordinator... New Journal Entitled Ecological Issues... Jerry Melillo Nominated by President to Fill Environmental Position at OSTP... New Graduate Student Committee Chair... H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest... Luquillo Experimental Forest... Retention of Trifluoroacetate (TFA) in LTER Soil... Studies Initiated at Coweeta as a Result of Hurricane Opal... LTER System is the Model for Ecology Course at University of Georgia...
November 09, 1997
Research Metadata in Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) 1997
Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites manage a diverse array of ecological information resulting from research on ecological succession, disturbance, landscape ecology, elemental cycling, trophic structure, biodiversity, organic matter and primary productivity. Since its inception in 1980, the LTER Network has evolved from a primarily site-based research focus to a network and cross-site focus. Coincident with this evolution has been the development of metadata standards.
December 15, 1997
1997 LTER Network Office Annual Progress Report
ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORTSUMMARIZING ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE LTER NETWORK OFFICE DURING THE FIRST YEAR OF COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT DEB-9634135 - The University of New Mexico assumed responsibility for the operation and management of the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network Office (NET) on March 15, 1997. During the first year of the Cooperative Agreement, a sub-award to the University of Washington provided for continuity in the operation of the LTER electronic communications network including the LTER and International LTER (ILTER) home pages.
March 15, 1998
Network News Vol. 11 No. 1 Spring 1998
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - Network Office Survives Transition... Cross Site Research From ARC and NWT... Remote Jensing From JRN... PAL Sets Sail a New Research Vessel.. Profiles of New Urban and Land Margin Sites... Biodiversity Project.. Information Management.. New Education Committee Forms.. Teacher get Hands-on Experience at MCM... LTER Teams up With the Santa Fe Institute... Asian Grad. Students Visit AND... Update of ILTER Developments... Plans for Collaborations Between ILTER and GTOS...
April 09, 1998
1998 Palmer LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request
Palmer LTER Schoolyard Supplement Request - 16 July 1998 Raymond C. Smith, PI 1.0 Introduction This proposal is a supplement to the original LTER PAL proposal (Smith et al., 1996). Consequently, the scientific details, hypotheses and goals articulated in that document are not reiterated here. This supplemental proposal requests funds to interact with several local schools to stimulate the development of schoolyard LTERs.
July 16, 1998
International Long Term Ecological Research Network 1998
The following ILTER Network countries provided chapters for a book on the ILTER network published by the US LTER Network Office in July 1998. (No chapters were provided by Colombia or Mongolia.) See also
July 31, 1998
1998 Data Management Workshop Report
The annual LTER Information Managers Meeting was held July 30-August 1, 1998, hosted by the new, urban Baltimore LTER Site. Twenty of the 21 sites were represented with Cedar Creek not represented.
August 01, 1998
Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes Spring 1998
LONG-TERM ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROGRAM Spring 1998 Coordinating Committee Meeting Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado April 23-24, 1998
November 01, 1998
Fall 1998 Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
MINUTES of the Long Term Ecological Research Coordinating Committee Meeting: Northern Temperate Lakes LTER Program, Madison, Wisconsin October 16-18, 1998 Chair: James Gosz Science Theme: Linking natural and socioeconomic processes: long term human interactions with the landscape. Notes of John Vande Castle, last edited 11/1/1998
November 01, 1998
1988 MSI (Minimum Standard Installation) Worksheet for Techological Capabilities at LTER Sites
The following worksheet outlines a Minimum Standard Installation (MSI) of various technological capabilities at all sites of the LTER Network. The worksheet was developed at the LTER Coordinating Committee (LTER/CC) meeting at Kellogg Biological Station, November 3-4, 1988.
November 04, 1998
1998 North American Science Symposium Report
November 1-6. 1998. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico -This symposium provided an excellent opportunity for interactions among U.S. LTER, Canadian, and Mexican scientists for the facilitation of a North American Regional LTER Network. Excellent papers were presented by the following LTER scientists on behalf of LTER:
November 06, 1998
Network News Vol. 11 No. 2 Fall 1998
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - Hurricane George hits Luquillo... Coweeta Regionalization Study... Effects of Rising Seas on Waterbirds (VCR)... Qualifying Physical Forcing on Biological Systems (PAL)... Cross Site Soil Study... First LTER Education Workshop... Annual Information Managers Meeting... Latin American LTER IM Meeting... Development of Central European LTER... International Student Exchange... LTER Scientists Attend North American Science Symposium... Warra-The first Australian LTER Site... The Middle East Sustainable Land Initiative...
November 09, 1998
1998 Presentation: LTER Network Information System
El Sistema de Informacion LTER Reda: Un Estructura para Manejo de Informacion Ecologica. Presentation by James Brunt.
November 11, 1998
1998 LTER Education Committee Vision Statement
The Vision Statement for the LTER Education Committee
December 01, 1998
1998 ILTER Vision Statement: Future Visions for ILTER
The Vision for International LTER Network
December 01, 1998
1998 LTER Publications Committee Vision Statement
The Vision Statement for the LTER Publications Committee, as of 1998
December 01, 1998
1998 LTER Information Management Committee Vision Statement
Vision Statement for the Information Management group: LTER Network Ecological Informatics: Finding Answers for Long Term Ecological Research
December 01, 1998
Graduate Student Committee Vision Statement 1998
The Vision statement for the Grad Student Committee as of 1998
December 01, 1998