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LTER Video-Addressing the Ecological Challenges of the 21st Century - an "MP4" transcode of the LTER DVD You may need to rename the file extension to ".mp4" or ".m4v" if it does not play This video is Copyright (C) 2007 LTER Network. RIghts to video, graphic and audio components expressly reserved.
August 14, 2013
Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER)
Article by Robert B. Waide and McOwiti O. Thomas for Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
May 07, 2012
Twenty-Eight Years of the US-LTER Program
Twenty-Eight Years of the US-LTER Program: Experience, Results, and Research Questions James R. Gosz, Robert B. Waide, and John J. Magnuson
October 14, 2010