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Network News Vol. 23 No.2 Fall 2010
Featured Story: LTER engages Arts and Humanities; Network News: The shooting of Gail Osherenko's "Our Marine World Heritage" video clips, Moorea and Santa Barbara LTER scientists tour Chinese marine ILTER sites; Editorial: "Network News" going all digital; News Briefs: SGS LTER's Jack Morgan awarded for work on climate science; Comings and Goings: Jeremiah Wright, Nancy Grimm; NSF News: LTER management team at NSF sees changes, makes changes; Site News: ARC, NWT study: Clim
December 20, 2010
Network News Vol. 23 No.1 Spring 2010
Featured Stories: LTER Network Awarded 2010 AIBS Distinguished Scientist Award; LNO completes Operational Plan; NEON developing Airborne Spectrometer; EcoTrends update; Andrews RET Wins National Environmental Prize; Late breaking news; Long Term Trends in Ecological Systems: a basis for understanding responses to global change; Comings and Goings; LNO posts mini-symposium webcasts online; NSF News: NSF completes 2009 site reviews and initiates 30-Year review of the LTER program; Site News: Tornado touches down at SGS LTER; SGS hosts Danish researchers; SGS scientist co-authors special issue of
April 05, 2010
Network News Vol. 22 No.2 Fall 2009
In This Issue: Another successful All Scientists Meeting; View from the Chair; Barbara Benson retires; In Memoriam: Stanley Dodson; Digging in the dirt: trans-Atlantic studies on across-boundary systems; LTER at 30; I eat my words; but I won’t waste the new research opportunity; ENDURANCE excites MCM lake scientists; CAP LTER’s summer ecology program for low-income children; Harvard Forest Schoolyard LTER teacher published in Biology Letters; Mangrove forest recovery in the Everglades following Hurricane Wilma; Graduate students hold successful symposium at ASM; FCE student researcher gets pla
January 07, 2010
Network News Vol. 22 No.1 Spring 2009
In This Issue: A User's Guide to the 2009 LTER All Scientists Meeting; LNO renewal nearly complete; How the Arctic LTER helped me prepare to be a mom; LTER Network embarks on Strategic Communication planning; Final NEON Observatory Design released; Science and Policy: Washington, D.C., in the Obama era; NSF announces ULTRA-Ex; Cedar Creek holds first Citizen Science Field Day; Andrews LTER partners ONRE; Warmer climate causing increase in tree mortality; Luquillo LTER studying recent environmental changes; Reinvigorating the LTER Climate Committee; Harvard Forest hosts workshop with an eye
May 04, 2009
Network News Vol. 21 No.2 Fall 2008
In This Issue: Braiding perspectives on the Tanana—Bonanza Creek’s artist-scientist field trip brings “Reflections” to life; NSF grants LTER-CSU partnership $12.5 million for environmental literacy; Phenology across LTER; Eyes North—National Science Board visits Alaskan LTER sites; SGS LTER unveils new research, education, and outreach facility; Happy times, sad times as SGS dedicates new facility, honors scientists, and bids other scientists farewell; Unlocking the clues of ‘Sea Secrets’—New LTER Children’s book draws readers into the fascinating world of science exploration, field-work and o
January 19, 2009
Network News Vol. 21 No.1 Spring 2008
In This Issue: EcoTrends Project comes of age; Evaluating performance of the Network Office; LTER Decadal Plan—Where are we now?; Call for proposals for LTER Working Groups ; LTER sites to get direct broadcast satellite data; Factors affecting the success of Collaboration at a distance; Publicizing your research results—The LINX experience: Long-Term Soil Observatories team up ; NSF--Looking back, reflecting on the future; Alaska fire sparks new research at Arctic LTER; Andrews Forest REUs study soil and climate change effects …[as]...others go wireless; FCE LTER website gets new look; Andrews
July 10, 2008
Network News Vol. 20 No.2 Fall 2007
In This issue: Wireless technology to the rescue; Decadal Plan for LTER now released; LTER sites engage the Arts and Humanities; LNO renewal proposal under development; Report on Integrating Social Science into NSF Environmental Observatories; OBFS data to be queried via ORNLDAAC's search system; LNO cyberinfrastructure project gets NSF funding; Web logs catching on in LTER; NSF concludes 2007 LTER mid-term site reviews; current affairs at Andrews; NTL scientists providing leadership in GLEON; Shortgrass Steppe does Ag Day; VCR investigating carbon cycling in a lagoonal salt marsh; SEEDS progr
February 20, 2008
Network News Vol. 20 No.1 Spring 2007
In this issue: Unique LNO virtual training launches in cyberspace; Post-ASM funding announced; Shortgrass Steppe scientist named fellow of the American Geophysical Union; Cedar Creek study fuels excitement in bioenergy; LNO staff changes; transition—Bruce Lee Haines passes on; Santa Barbara Coastal’s Stu Levenbach received John A.
June 22, 2007
Network News Vol. 19 No.2 Fall 2006
LTER 2006 Annual Scientists Meeting rated the best ever; The LNO year in review; Rapid network evolution prompts changes to LTER governance; Main components of the LTER Network governance structure; LTER planning process; News briefs; Updates from the National Science Foundation; Antarctic researchers mull climate change at CSU meeting; Teachers learning from Hubbard Brook science; ASM 2006 News Pictorial; Binoculars, bats and benefits of Community Service Learning; ‘The Lost Seal’ a big hit; Upsetting the balance of nature?; LTER advances Ecological Informatics; On the move: International LTE
March 30, 2007
Network News Vol. 19 No.1 Spring 2006
Traditional Ecological Knowledge gains currency in LTER; Reflections on LTER beginnings, challenges, and the future; Engaging social scientists in LTER research; SEEDS of partnership; CCE holds first Annual Meeting Service at Salado; Harvard Forest Schoolyard science project featured in Boston Globe; BES teacher shares earthworm research with Maryland colleagues; HFR Schoolyard teachers present at Environmental Education Conference; NSF hosts 6th LTER mini-symposium; Lost Seal 'found' in McMurdo Dry Valley; Luquillo's Journey to El Yunque curriculum gets excellent rating; SGS Schoolyard LTER s
April 18, 2006
Network News Vol. 18 No. 2 Fall 2005
Clutter Retires, Collins Takes Over as Head of Biological Sciences at NSF; NSF Completes Year 2005 LTER Site Reviews; LTER and OBFS Hail Benefits of Partnership; LNO Remote Sensing Data Archive Now Available Through Metacat; PIE LTER Facilitates Student-Teacher-Scientist Collaborations; Graduate Students Hold First Ever Conference; ILTER Network Hires New Coordinator; LNO, NSF Publish New Brochures
December 07, 2005
Network News Vol. 18 No. 1 Spring 2005
New portal for the LTER Network Newsletter. Top Stories: NSF Director Dr. Arden Bement praises LTER, Planning Grant Activities, 2005 LTER Mini-Symposium.
April 27, 2005
Network News Vol. 17 No. 2 Fall 2004
Top Stories: Editorial from the Executive Director; LTER Network Plans for the Future; LTER Grows to 26 Sites as NSF Grants $10 Million for Ocean Research SITE NEWS Coweeta Completes Major Facilities Improvement and Expansion; Jornada Helps BLM to Answer Land Management Questions; Newfound Grasshopper Takes to the Trees on Konza Prairie NETWORKING NSF News: Interdisciplinarity is the Key for '04 Supplement Funding; LTER CC Holds Successful Meeting in Alaska; Climate Committee Takes Aim at Extreme Climatic Events; Informatics Bits and Bytes; NEON Design Process Energized
December 01, 2004
Network News Vol. 17 No. 1 Spring 2004
Spring 04 network news
April 01, 2004
Network News Vol. 16 No. 2 Fall 2003
IINSIDE THIS ISSUE: Top Stories: Strategic Planning for LTER SITE NEWS: SGS Symposium; MCM -Exploring an Ecosystem Entombed in Ice Milestones; LUQ - Take a Journey to El Yunque; PAL - On-line Journaling and Data Bridges the Learning Gap to the Antarctic. NETWORKING: LTER ASM 2003; Implementing EML At LTER Sites; National Invasive Species Database; Agricultural Landscapes in Transition; Ecoinformatics Training for Field Stations; Journals Feature LTER Network; The Value of LTER Site Augmentation. EDUCATION: Education Update.
December 01, 2003
Network News Vol. 16 No.1 Spring 2003
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Top Stories: Strategic Planning for LTER SITE NEWS: SGS Symposium; MCM -Exploring an Ecosystem Entombed in Ice Milestones; LUQ - Take a Journey to El Yunque; PAL - On-line Journaling and Data Bridges the Learning Gap to the Antarctic. NETWORKING: LTER ASM 2003; Implementing EML At LTER Sites; National Invasive Species Database; Agricultural Landscapes in Transition; Ecoinformatics Training for Field Stations; Journals Feature LTER Network; The Value of LTER Site Augmentation. EDUCATION: Education Update.
March 26, 2003
Network News Vol. 15 No. 2 Fall 2002
Inside This Issue: TOP STORIES - LTER Education Symposium At NSF, In Memorium, LTER Celebrates 20th Anniversary - SITE NEWS, HBR ‘Science Links’ BES Investigator Accepts Presidential Award, Hi-res Satellite Data, Art McKee Retires - NETWORKING - LTER Spatial Data Workbench, SDSC-LTER Collaboration, SCI2002 Conference, Engaging Local Stakeholders in Ecological Monitoring, Urban LTER Sites Gear up for Renewal Process, Microbial Research, Workshops Further Wireless Effort, Ecoinformatics Training in Mozambique, DIRT: Extending an LTER Project to ILTER, NEON Spells Opportunity, Eco-hydrology insig
October 04, 2002
Network News Vol. 15 No.1 Spring 2002
LTER Symposium At NSF... Fire Research at Shortgrass Steppe... New Facility Upgrades at Coweeta... International Cooperation at McMurdo... Graduate Student Research Integral to Bonanza Creek LTER ... Ecological Cascades Follow Mammalian Herbivory in Alaska... Reconsidering nitrogen cycling in high-latitude ecosystems... Whole-lake Removal of Exotic Species... All LTER Education Summit... Network Information System Progress... Ecological Metadata Language (EML) for the LTER Network... International LTER
April 03, 2002
Network News Vol. 14 No. 2 Fall 2001
Welcoming Sonia Ortega to the Network Office... Graduate Student Research at the Konza and Shortgrass Steppe LTER Sites... FCE Graduate Student Research in the Everglades... Central Arizona-Phoenix 200-point survey... Jornada LTER and the Chihuahuan... Desert Nature Park... Georgia Coastal Ecosystem LTER's PILOTS Program Takes off... Luquillo LTER, Virginia Coast Reserve LTER and Konza Prairie SLTER news... Palmer LTER Outreach Program... New Project for Palmer Researcher... Information Management Training... Past, Present, and Future of Metadata in the LTER Network... ILTER Meeting Report...
October 24, 2001
Network News Vol. 14 No.1 Spring 2001
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - A review of cross-site activities resulting from the LTER All-scientiests Meeting... Niwot Publishes Third Volume in LTER/OUP Synthesis Series... Prarie Dogs Run the Show at Shortgrass Steppe LTER... Research Activities at Central Arizona-Phoenix LTER... Eleven-site ANPP Study Demonstrates Value of Network Science... List of Cross-site Research and Synthesis Post-ASM 2000... Summary of the Schoolyard LTER Working Group Plans and Projects... International Network-to-Network Collaboration Summary of the Science Policy Forum...
March 30, 2001
Network News Vol. 13 No. 2 Fall 2000
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - The Y2K ASM Meeting... New personnel At LTER Net... Studying Rain Chemistry at LUQ... Science + Management=solutions at LUQ LTER… Formulating Arid-land Water Budgets in the Middle Rio grande Basin… Long Term Ice Breakup Study has Global Scope... The Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity… Landscape Ecology for the Rest of Us… Introducing the LTER-Hyper-SRB Project…
October 21, 2000
Network News Vol. 13 No.1 Spring 2000
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research - Konza Prairie LTER's Award Winning Grad. Students… Hubbard Brook LTER Begins 50-year Acid Rain Study… Palmer LTER in the News… New Tundra Cam at Niwot Ridge LTER… Introducing the New Coastal LTER Sites (Florida Coastal Evergaldes, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems, Santabarbara Coastal)…Intersite Research Among LTER's Stream Ecologists… Remote Sensing Roundup…
April 01, 2000
Network News Vol. 12 No. 2 Fall 1999
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - Memorial to Tom Callahan... Spy Satellite Imagery Available... ARC Scientiests Develop Test Method... Changing of the Guard at Jornada LTER... Boreal Forest Research at BNZ LTER... Proposal Writing Workshop For Education... Soil Standards Published... Graduate Committee Report... KDI Grant Funded... Graduate Student Committee Report.. Project FIRST at OBFS Sites Begins Metadata Revisited... X-Site Stream Study... Japan/US LTER Student Exchange... North American Regional Network Holds First Meeting...
November 12, 1999
Network News Vol. 12 No.1 Spring 1999
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - LTER Fares Well in NAB Report... A New Format for the Coordinating Committee Meetings... Adding Outreach to the LTER Agenda... The Schoolyard LTER Project... The Mission of the New LTER Social Sciences Committee... Building Bridges-A Consortium Approach to Ecological Research... A Report from the First Meeting of the New LTER Technology Committee... NTL LTER Studies Invasive Exotic Species... New additions to the Network Office Staff Increase Computing Power... Data Standards Reach New Level... IM.NET Exchange... ILTER News...
April 11, 1999
Network News Vol. 11 No. 2 Fall 1998
Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network - Hurricane George hits Luquillo... Coweeta Regionalization Study... Effects of Rising Seas on Waterbirds (VCR)... Qualifying Physical Forcing on Biological Systems (PAL)... Cross Site Soil Study... First LTER Education Workshop... Annual Information Managers Meeting... Latin American LTER IM Meeting... Development of Central European LTER... International Student Exchange... LTER Scientists Attend North American Science Symposium... Warra-The first Australian LTER Site... The Middle East Sustainable Land Initiative...
November 09, 1998