Cross-site Awards

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April 29, 2016 edit
1995 NSF/DOE/NASA/USDA Joint Program Awards Terrestrial Ecology and Global Change
Dynamics of Bilogically Available C and N Across the Tundra Landscape; Forest Change in a Boreal Transition Region: Productivity, Nutrient Cycling and Biodiversity at Multiple Scales; Homeostatic Adjustment of Loblolly Pine to CO2 Enrichment in a Forest Ecosystem; Plant Nitrogen Budgets Under Elevated Carbon Dioxide Levels: Regulation by Nitrogen Absorption and Assimiliation; Predicting Decomposition Dynamics of Woody Detritus of Forest Ecosystems; Predicting the response of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated CO2 and climate change: a modeling and experimental collaboration; Shortgrass steppe
May 29, 1995
1994 National Science Foundation Special Competition Collaborative Research Awards
Belowground Productivity Comparisons Across LTER+ Sites and Development of Applications Software for Research in Ecology
May 23, 1994