Synthesis Prospecti

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Inland Climate Change: Social and Ecological Sensitivities and Responses
Lead Coordinators John Blair, Lisa Crone, William Freudenburg, Craig Harris, Alan Knapp, Osvaldo Sala Initiating LTER Participants AND, BES, BNZ, SBC, CAP, CDR, CWT, GCE, HFR, HBR, JRN, KBS, KNZ, MCM, SBC, SEV, SGS
May 25, 2012
Future Scenarios: Landscape Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate and Land Use Change
Lead Coordinators David Foster, Stephen Carpenter, Morgan Grove, Nancy Grimm, Johnson, Paul Moorcroft, Charles Redman, Laura Schneider, Tom Spies, Jonathan Thompson. Initiating LTER Participants We encourage all interested to participate. The Harvard Scenario Workshop, SC meeting and emails identified 21 interested sites to date (AND, ARC, BES, BNZ, CAP, CDR, CWT, FCE, HBR, HFR, KBS, KNZ, JRN, LUQ, NTL, NWT, PAL, PIE, SEV, SGS, VCR).
May 25, 2012
The Disappearing Cryosphere: Socioecological Consequences for Ecosystem Services
Lead Coordinators Mark Williams, Hugh Ducklow, David McGuire, Charles Driscoll, Catherine Keske.Initiating LTER Participants NWT, AND, SGS, NTL, HBR, HFR, PIE, ARC, BNZ, PAL, MCM.
May 25, 2012
Coastal Zone Climate Change: Understanding and Adaptation
LTER Network Synthesis Prospectus #1 Lead Coordinators Charles Hopkinson, Merryl Alber, Evelyn Gaiser, Colin PolskyInitiating LTER Participants BES, CCE, FCE, GCE, MCR, PAL, PIE, SBC and VCR
May 25, 2012