What’s trending?

The EcoTrends book, Long-Term Trends in Ecological Systems: A Basis for Understanding Responses to Global Change is now available for download from the LTER (www.lternet.edu) and Jornada (http://jornada.nmsu.edu) websites. To obtain hard copies please contact Debra Peters at debpeter@nmsu.edu. Congratulations to everyone involved in this monumental effort.

Citation: Peters DPC, Laney CM, Lugo AE, Collins SL, Driscoll CT, Groffman PM, Grove JM, Knapp AK, Kratz TK, Ohman MD, Waide RB, and Yao J. 2013. Long-term trends in ecological systems: a basis for understanding responses to global change. USDA Agricultural Research Service Publication No. 1931. Washington, D.C.