Retrieving and using information from web services to improve EML content

Many content sections of an EML documents may now be easily standardized, improving on discoverability and potentially easing the development of the documents. This is due to the fact that some pertinent information in authoritative databases is now available via webservices. This workshop will show LTER Information Manager how to access this information, transform it into EML format and insert it into EML documents.

Principal Investigator: 
Corinna Gries
Competition Date: 
2011, December
Award Date: 
2012, January
Award Year: 
Award Amount: 
Number of Participants: 
Corrina Gries, Eda Melendez-Colom, John Porter, Theresa Valentine, Jeffrey Ackley, Jonathan Walsh , Eric Sokol, Thomas Bell, Thomas Grant, Xiao Li, John Crawford, Cristina Kennedy, Dorothy Ibes, Henry Briceno, Xueying Han , Johua Haussler, Laureano Gherardi, Tyler Kohler, Steven Crisp, Vanessa Kinney , Rebecca Hale, Dur E Shahwar Salam, Vanessa Terrell, James Brunt