North Temperate Lakes LTER publishes first PASTA data set in Nature's Scientific Data

We are pleased to announce the first ever publication in Nature's Scientific Data resource with a PASTA data package DOI (doi:10.6073/pasta/379a6cebee50119df2575c469aba19c5). A global database of lake surface temperatures collected by in situ and satellite methods from 1985–2009 by Sapna Sharma, et al. (2015) was published and featured this week at Scientific Data. The publication was a group effort by the Global Lake Temperature Collaboration ( of which North Temperate Lakes LTER is a major collaborator.

Only last year the NIS repository was vetted and approved by Nature Publishing Group as an acceptable community repository for data published in Scientific Data and other Nature journals. When a data set is published through the LTER Network Information System PASTA repository, a DOI is registered with EZID (a DOI subscription service offered to qualifying academic efforts by the California Digital Library) and assigned to the data set. The DOI is used by Data Citation Index to track acknowledgement and citation of the data set in subsequent publications.

As this effort shows, data citation represents a real opportunity to create scientifically viable product and increase the visibility and impact of research.