Keep those data sets rolling in

It has been over a year since the LTER Network was first introduced to PASTA, the backbone of the new Network Information System.  Today, the Network Information System holds 19,293 data packages, of which 3,888 have been contributed by LTER sites and 15,404 are from the EcoTrends project. We are happy to report that the NIS Data Portal ( and PASTA have been up and available on the Internet since their release in January 2013 without any major interruptions (for that matter, they have been up without any minor interruptions).  We recognize that additional data packages must still be uploaded to PASTA and work on new synthesis tools is necessary to meet our long-term vision.  But we would also like to acknowledge that, for the first time, the NIS provides us with a “one-stop” data portal for which the LTER community can upload and share their data with the science netizens of the world. As a community, we should be proud of the hard work that all of the members of the LTER Data Co-op have put in to achieve these goals.