Golden Oldies lead LTER into the blogosphere

Everyone seems to be blogging these days except LTER scientists. In truth, though, many of us have been blogging for a long time even though we didn’t know it.  Take Bruce Hayden, whose pre-blogging ruminations on climate were entertaining and informative and had a wide following in the LTER community.

In Bruce’s own words, “The CED Climate/Ecosystem Dynamics BLOG was first gopher-published on 28 February, 1992.  In CED you will find exchanges of ideas, information, data, bibliographies, and discussions of the scientific literature.  The watchword is interdisciplinary. You will find spellbinding contributions on climate controls on ecosystems, ecosystem controls on climate as well as cocktail-party-worthy chitchat.  Such parties should be interdisciplinary, ecumenical and amusing.  I hope to provide real knowledge that you might not come across in your daily work at your LTER site.”

We’ve decided to resurrect Bruce’s writings ( for those of you who have never seen them. We hope that some of you will decide to follow Bruce’s example and post your thoughts on the LTER blog.