Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) workshop: A workshop for new and advanced DEIMS users

The Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) (San Gil et al, 2010) group is building an information management system based on the open source Drupal Content Management System.  Drupal is used for managing information, from the database backbone to the dynamic website portal look and feel. DEIMS consists of a user-friendly metadata editor coupled with the functionality to easily construct tools for data discovery, display and download.  Importantly, a module has been developed that generates EML from the metadata entered in to DEIMS.  DEIMS provides a solution that sites can adopt for managing their data and metadata in order to deliver high-quality PASTA-ready EML to the NIS.  

Principal Investigator: 
Kristin Vanderbilt
Competition Date: 
2011, December
Award Date: 
2012, January
Award Year: 
Award Amount: 
Number of Participants: 
Hap Garritt, Valarie LaPlante, Jim Laundre, Eda Melendez-Colom, Shakib Mostafa, Ken Ramsey, Aaron Stephenson, Kristin Vanderbilt