Development and analysis of a database of Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery to support cross-site research

Goals and Objectives
We propose to generate a cross-site database of existing Landsat TM satellite imagery covering each of the 26 current sites in the LTER network from 1985-present.  We will then collaborate with researchers from a subset of sites to create higher-level cross-site data products including atmospherically corrected surface reflectance data and time-series maps of detailed land cover/land use change. 

Principal Investigator: 
Dan Reed
Competition Date: 
2011, December
Award Date: 
2012, January
Award Year: 
Award Amount: 
Kyle C. Cavanaugh, Earth Research Institute, University of California Santa Barbara Daniel C. Reedd, Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara John Vande Castle, LTER Network Office Theresa Valentine, Andrews Experimental Forest Margaret O’Brien, Santa Barbara Coastal John Schalles, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Tom Spies, Andrews Experimental Forest