Cyber security briefings preliminary schedule

As part of the LNO cooperative agreement with NSF we are required to provide regular annual cyber security briefings. There will be a least 4 briefings annually. These briefings will take the form of a 2-3 page briefing summary, and online discussion forum, and a short live webcast presentation on each topic.  The following schedule is preliminary and is based on a survey of participants in the 2008 XML training and ideas that have been raised in other discussions.  It is tentative and subject to modification as needs and priorities change.  We encourage comments and will take those comments into consideration in scheduling the cyber security briefings. Comments should be posted below so that we have a consistent and public record.

LTER Network Cyber-security Briefing Schedule


December, 2009



  • Data security III -- Developing a curation strategy for digital data
  • Data security IV -- Developing an archive strategy for digital data
  • Computer Security III -- Safe settings for desktop operating systems
  • Computer Security IV -- Security approaches for server operating systems


  • Personal Data Security I -- Digital signatures
  • Personal Data Security II -- Sending encrypted email
  • Personal Data Security III -- File system encryption
  • Personal Data Security IV -- Understanding the public key infrastructure


TBD -- new topics or revisions of previous topics


TBD -- new topics or revisions of previous topics


TBD -- new topics or revisions of previous topics