2014 mini-symposium on the horizon

After 13 years, the annual LTER mini-symposium at NSF is still going strong. Each year, LTER scientists and students put on a half day of show and tell for NSF program officers and representatives of other agencies and institutions in the DC area. The purpose is to present some aspect of LTER research through a series of short presentations by site scientists, post-doctoral investigators, and graduate students. Topics have included ecological connectivity, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, ecosystem management, international partnerships, and others. Presentations from all of the previous mini-symposia (and in some cases videos) are at http://intranet2.lternet.edu/documents. Response to the mini-symposia has been very positive, and attendance often includes upper echelon officials from NSF and other agencies. This year’s series of talks will focus on ecological scenarios; the program can be viewed at http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=130240 and abstracts of the talks are at http://intranet2.lternet.edu/content/2014-lter-mini-symposium. The presentations will also be streamed live (http://mtsms.unm.edu/Mediasite/Play/3b9b269a098a4a348f7ff00c66ce10e51d), and a reminder with more details will be sent out the week before the mini-symposium.