2011 October NIS Update

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the street?  Because he had no guts! I hope everyone had a frightful Halloween with lots of ghoulish treats.  The NIS development was full of treats with the completion of both release candidates for the Data Package Manager and the Identity Manager services.  Read on to find out more.

  • The Data Package Manager now has all fourteen use cases for metadata and data management implemented, thereby providing the most extensive API for a PASTA web service.  In addition, the Data Package Manager is utilizing the full suite of authorization services provided by the Identity Manager to secure access to all LTER data packages that will be stored in PASTA.  Testing and evaluation are in full swing, with refinements being made where necessary.  Development of the Tiger Team acceptance testing interface will begin with the Transition phase in November. 
  • The Identity Manager services are also complete and being tested as part of the Data Package Manager.  There is not a specific interface for these services, but Tiger Team evaluation will effectively become part of the Data Package Manager acceptance testing.
  • I participated in the DataONE project All-Hands Meeting in mid October with several other LTER members.  DataONE is anticipating an end of year production release of their cyber-infrastructure (see: https://www.dataone.org/ for more information) . The LTER Network will be part of that event by participating as a DataONE member node.  LTER metadata that exists in our Metacat and public data that can be directly harvested through accessible URLs in the EML will be registered as data packages in DataONE. As in the past, replication will be made to the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB) server located at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).  Although now, the topology of replication will be different because of the coordination with DataONE cyber-infrastructure.  The end result will be nearly identical to our current use of Metacat-to-Metacat replication between the LTER Network Office Metacat server and the KNB Metacat server at NCEAS.
  • On a similar note, Matt Jones (NCEAS) recently announced that the KNB, including the LTER Metacat, has exceeded a threshold of 25 thousand data packages.  Growth of data packages continue, with 1,296 being contributed in 2011 thus far (see graphic below, courtesy of Matt Jones).  There are almost 7,000 data packages submitted from LTER in the Metacat.

KNB Data Set Registrations

KNB Data Set Registrations

  • Finally, I would like remind everyone that the National Biological Information Infrastructure will be officially terminated on 15 January 2012.  LTER has worked closely on a number of informatics initiatives during the past few years and I personally regret the loss of their services to the ecological community.  For further information regarding the disposition of the NBII, please see http://www.nbii.gov/portal/server.pt/community/termination_of_nbii_program/2057.

Previous monthly updates may be found at https://nis.lternet.edu/NIS/?q=forum/29. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our progress. Feel free to contact any of our teams through the online form at https://nis.lternet.edu/NIS/?q=node/8 or email me directly at "servilla@lternet.edu".





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