2011 November NIS Update

I hope the upcoming holiday season is wonderful, with lots of deserved rest and cheer!  Here is your latest update from the NIS developers...

*The NIS Data Portal and Metadata Quality services began this month with two Tiger Team kick-off meetings, respectively.  The NIS Data Portal Tiger Team includes Ilya Gelfand (KBS), John Porter (VCR), Ken Ramsey (JRN), and Will Pockman (SEV).  The Metadata Quality Tiger Team includes Don Henshaw (AND), M. Gastil-Buhl (MCR), Bill McDowell (LUQ), James Conners (CCE/PAL), Mark Williams (NWT), and Margaret O’Brien (SBC).  

* A full acceptance testing interface has been developed for the Data Package Manager service and is now ready for the Tiger Team (M. Gastil-Buhl (MCR), Sven Bohm (KBS), Jason Downing (BNZ), Dan Bahauddin (CDR), and Eda Melendez-Colom (LUQ)) to begin exercising the service.  This same interface will be used for testing the authorization protocol by the Identity Manager Tiger Team (Jonathan Walsh (BES), Emery Boose (HFR), Sven Bohm (KBS)) to assert whether users are allowed access to the stored metadata and/or data elements referenced within the metadata as defined in EML access control rules.  A separate acceptance testing interface is being developed to verify the authentication process of the Identity Manager service.

* What a perfect moment to thank again all of those Tiger Team volunteers for their unwavering time and feedback to the NIS development process!  In a bonus effort, John Porter, Will Pockman, and I wrote and submitted an IMC working group proposal to help identify and analyze user interface requirements of the NIS Data Portal.

*Rounding things out, we are still performing a little tweaking and tuning of the Data Manager service’s use of the EML Data Manager library metadata/data congruency checking thanks to support provided by M. Gastil-Buhl (MCR).

Previous monthly updates may be found at https://nis.lternet.edu/NIS/?q=forum/29. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our progress. Feel free to contact any of our teams through the online form at https://nis.lternet.edu/NIS/?q=node/8 or email me directly at "servilla@lternet.edu".