2011 LTER Science Council Meeting: The Role of Long-Term Ecological Research in Understanding and Responding to Climate Change

The Role of Long-Term Ecological Research in Understanding and Responding to Climate Change

  • Travel Days May 17th and 19th
  • May 18th-AM Plenaries
  • May 18th-PM Field Trip- Sapelo Island
  • May 19th-Breakouts
  • May 20th-Site Lead PI Meeting 0800-1200

Tuesday, May 17
Travel day for SC
Executive Board meets (9 am - 5 pm)
IM Controlled Vocabulary Workshop (9 am - 5 pm)
Wednesday, May 18
8:00 Science Council Meeting - Science
Welcome and Introductory Comments - Phil Robertson
Overview of the Science Program - Mark Ohman
8:30 Plenary A - Climate Change - Marine and High Latitude Ecosystems

  1. Linking new modes of climate variability to regional ocean ecosystem dynamics (Emanuele Di Lorenzo, California Current Ecosystem LTER, Georgia Institute of Technology)

  2. Climate change and marine biogeochemical modeling from local to global scales (Scott Doney, Palmer LTER, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

  3. Climate effects on coupled human-natural systems in northern latitudes (Gary Kofinas, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Bonanza Creek LTER and Arctic LTER)

10:00 Break - prepare for field trip
10:30 Depart hotel to Sapelo Island Ferry
11:30 Ferry departs for Sapelo Island and Georgia Coastal Ecosystem field trip
4:30 Transport back to Jekyll Island
5:30 GCE Poster Reception, Morgan Center, followed by dinner on your own

Thursday, May 19
8:00 Plenary B - Climate Change - Inland Ecosystems

  1. Water connects all: Climate change and mountain hydrology in a watershed context (Anne Nolin, H.J. Andrews LTER, Oregon State University)
  2. Assessing the sensitivity of grassland ecosystems to climate change (Alan Knapp, Konza Prairie and Shortgrass Steppe LTERs, Colorado State University)
  3. Use of a tower network to reduce uncertainties about how carbon balance in the southwest will respond to climate change (Marcy Litvak, Sevilleta LTER, University of New Mexico)
  4. Challenges of using ecosystem services to moderate urban heat riskscapes: Water resources, green spaces and water inequality in Phoenix, AZ USA 1970-2000 (Darrel Jenerette, Central Arizona Phoenix LTER, University of California-Riverside)

10:00 Break
10:30 Charge to Break-Out Groups Potential products: assessment of the potential for cross-site synthesis papers based on existing data; develo pment of working groups for new data analyses; evaluation of ongoing climate research at LTER sites that could lead to new collaborative efforts; assessment of the potential for new multi-site research based on

  1. Existing LTER funding
  2. Supplemental funding (assuming there is NSF support for such efforts)
  3. New grants (e.g., Macrosystems Biology, Coupled Natural-Human Systems, Water Sustainability and Climate, others expected from NSF, non-NSF funding opportunities)

11:00 Break-out discussions
In addition to the potential working group themes listed below, there may be other groups that wish to self-organize around common interests (e.g. climate change education), and there will be the potential to modify or add breakout group themes at the meeting. Therefore, the following themes/leaders are tentative.

  1. Coastal-inland climate interactions (Mark Ohman )
  2. Strategies for addressing human and ecological adaptation to climate change (Kirsten Dow / Chuck Hopkinson / Nancy Grimm)
  3. Climate change in high altitude/high latitude systems
  4. Cross-site approaches to assess impacts of climate change in inland systems
  5. Linking scenarios of climate change with drivers of land use and land cover (David Foster / Tom Spies)

12:00 Lunch (presentation of EAGER video project by Jeremy Monroe, followed by showing of "RiverWebs" excerpts)
1:00 Break-out discussions, cont.
3:30 Break (Morgan Center)
4:00 Plenary - Workgroup Reports (Morgan Center)
5:00 Adjourn - Science Council Science Program
6:30 Science Council Business Meeting and Dinner (Location: Morgan Center)
10:00 Adjourn - Science Council Meeting

Friday, May 20
Departures for SC
8:00 Lead PI meeting
12:00 Adjourn Lead PI meeting

Organizing Committee:

  • John Blair (chair)
  • Merryl Alber
  • Kirstin Dow
  • Nancy Grimm
  • Morgan Grove
  • Sharon Harlan
  • Mark Ohman
  • Phil Robertson (e/o)
May 18, 2011 - May 20, 2011
George Garcia
(505) 277.2551
Jekyll Island
371 Riverview Dr.
Jekyll Island, GA
United States
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