LTER National Advisory Board

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The National Advisory Board (NAB) provides independent review and advice to the LTER Network, the Office, and appropriate funding agencies. The Chair of the NAB shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and invited to perform this service by the Chair of the Coordinating Committee. The Chair of the NAB will select approximately one-half of the NAB members from a list provided by the Coordinating Committee. The remainder of the NAB will be chosen by the Chair at his or her discretion to ensure outside, independent review. NAB membership will be for 3 years with a replacement of 1/3 of the membership each year. The NAB will meet at least annually and provide a written report after each meeting. The report will be provided to the Executive Committee, reviewed by the Coordinating Committee, and forwarded to the NSF. The charge to the LTER National Advisory Board was to:

  • Provide regular review and advice to aid in the periodic review needed by the LTER program and by NSF
  • Provide guidance on new directions or interactions that might be pursued by the program
  • Help to publicize the activities and opportunities in the LTER program

The Board also has the responsibility to provide independent oversight for the LTER Office.