Information Management

The Information Managers Committee is a network-wide standing committee, and so includes representation from each site. The committee meets annually to plan and coordinate Network data management activities, and a subgroup (IMExec) also meets regularly. Every third year, the IMC co-hosts the larger Environmental Information Management Conference. Activity areas that have broad reaching impact include:

  • Metadata standards for ecology
  • Published guidelines for managing research data
  • Development of Network Information System modules
  • National and international training in information management
  • Sponsoring and participating in symposia and other outreach


Please uniquely rank your view of the following uses of the LTER Data Access Requirements registration provision at your site from 1 (being most important) to 6 (being least important) - if you have a use that is more important than those listed, please note in the other uses but rank the listed uses from 1-6 anyway ):