Terms of Reference EOC 2017

The terms of reference for the education and outreach committee were updated in January 2107 to allow electronic voting. This version supercedes all previous versions.

Bylaws of the LTER Network, revised 2017-05-18

At the May Science Council meeting in 2017, the LTER Network bylaws were revised to reflect the establishment of the Network Communications Office and the Environmental Data Initiative. The Executive Director of the Network Communications Office was made a voting member of the Executive Board, but not of the Science Council. The Executive Director of the Environmental Data Initiative was made an ex officio member of the LTER Executive Board to improve coordination between the Network and the EDI.

2017.06.15 Executive Board Meeting Notes

Notes from the June 2017 meeting of the  LTER Executive Board, held in association with the annal science council meeting at Hubbard Brook.

Science Council 2017

Agenda for 2017 Science Council Meeting at Hubbard Brook.